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Global Healing Center, All-Natural Luxury Face Cream Parfait Visage (50 ml)

36.300 BHD 30.800 BHD

Juju, Pure Cotton Reusable Pad, Sample Pack

27.500 BHD

Earth Mama, Herbal Perineal Healing Set

21.780 BHD

Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer (Horizontal Handle)

21.010 BHD

NatraCare, Organic Ultra Thick Pads, Regular (12 Pads)

3.300 BHD19.800 BHD

NatraCare, Organic Cotton Ultra Pads, Regular (14 Pads)

3.300 BHD19.800 BHD

Shea Terra, Himba Myrrh Essential Oil (10 ml)

19.690 BHD

Shea Terra Organics, 100% Pure Moroccan Argan Extra Virgin Argan Oil (118 ml)

18.700 BHD

Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer (Vertical Handle)

18.150 BHD

Exfolimate, Body & Twin Exfoliating Tool (Twin Set)

15.400 BHD

Shea Terra, Kigelia 7X Anti-Oxidant Face Serum (59 ml)

14.300 BHD

Uoga Uoga, Natural Foundation Powder with Amber SPF 15 (8 g)

12.650 BHD13.970 BHD